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Tony Wolfe


Wendell Burkhart

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Laurie Holmes


Kelley Hoke


Bob Fuchs

Board Member

Carol Gardner

Board Member

Nicole Blythe

Board Member

Doug Duell

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John Schneider

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Aaron Carnal

Patty Cron

Desiree Eddington

Sonya Fenwick

Linda Ford

Glenn Kroger

Todd Rowe

Theresa Schneider

Stacy Shellhaas

Sylvia Watters

David Wedding

Nicki Wolfe


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A Word From Our Donors

Santa Clothes Club is an amazing organization. My family and I donate and support the cause of clothing needy children every year. Being involved is easy, but doing the work and getting clothes for the kids is a task that the team does so well.

Brian Spalding Donor

Santa Clothes Club is one of my favorite charities in Evansville. My wife and I attend the auction event at Bally's and it is an absolute ball. We love helping support the cause and we will continue to do so in the future.

Tim Moll Donor

Tony Wolfe and the team at Santa Clothes Club go above and beyond to make sure the kids get clothes for the winter. We love this charity and think it is one of Evansville's best. We do everything we can to help the cause and we appreciate what they do!

Katrina Grace Customer

I have been a part of Santa Clothes Club for over 50 years. During that time, we have seen the organization grow from a few hundred kids helped, to a few thousand. I am proud to have been a part of this charity and I am excited to see it go even more.

Stanly Customer

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